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Tim Bredenbach,



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Ideas for world domination




Nils Runge,




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Bachelor marks



favorite Festival


Hanke Vollmer,


Operator and engineer


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Baseball hats


808 Rhythm Composer


Christiane Arndt,

Finance & Accounting


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room temperatures above +30° Celsius






apple a day keeps the doctor away


Urs Schütt,

Head of Media Production


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Heavy Metal



World best recipes



32Bit 3D renderings no Problem!


Tobias Arndt,

Managing Director


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flight miles



cups of coffee in the morning 


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Mediaserver-Operator in Tuebingen / Germany


Mediaserver-Operator in London / UK


Installation-Engineer in Tuebingen / Germany



Consulting and planning always takes place with the optimal project completion in mind. Projects with media content such as permanent fixed installations, onetime events or temporary buildings are planned by us both technically and in terms of content before we turn them into reality.


Specialist planning of media technology, the selection of the right components and workflows determine success. We create tender texts, technical drawings and signal path plans.


In addition to the deployment planning of optimal hardware, the design of reliable software applications is of great importance. The different functions and requirements of individual software solutions require an early determination of the content media production.


The production of the contents, as well as the creation of storyboards and production plans are taken over on demand. Right from the start, we consider the technical possibilities of the project and deliver tailor-made content.


We ensure the success and quality of media projects through simulations. Show sequences and installations can be visualized and made available as 3D renderings. Projects are tested virtually on the actually used hardware.


High-quality media server landscape or smallest playback device?


We have equipment from simple to overwhelming, as well as an unbeatable assembly or support team suitable for every project. This saves time, nerves and is fun!



Our own tailor-made and tested server creations:

Mighthy Mini


#Small Factor Gehäuse #1gb network #SSD Raid
Power Visualizer


#10gb network #SSD Raid

Power Visualizer Pro


#10gb network #Audio Interface #SSD Raid

directing technology


Complementary for the successful directing of our servers:

network infrastructure 

#Router #Switches #Wifi


AudioVisual Routing & Processing

#crossbars #Video/ graphic mixer #Scaler


Playback & Remote Lösungen

#Highend playback #Laptop #Tablet #Desktop



#High Performance Rendering #Video editing and production software



Just the way you like it:


Dataton Watchout
#Uncompressed playback #Multi-channel audio playback #NDI / Live IP production process #Warping #Softedgeblending


Christies Pandoras Box & Widget Designer
#Non-linear Timeline Editing #ASIO Multi-Channel Audio #Multiuser programming #Design of remote user interfaces #Uncompressed playback #Warping #Softedgeblending


disguise d3
#Camera based projector calibration #Multiuser programming


#3D-Realtime-Authoring #interactive Inputs #Stero3D


#Creative Coding #Generation and analysis of audio and video signals #Processing of various input and sensor signals


FRIDIE interactive Universe
#Control of all common media servers, device types and protocols

Microsoft PowerPoint
#classical presentation tool


Our in-house professional player that starts as soon as connected to the display!

The carefree solution, tested and ready to play sent in all formats up to 4k HDR.


Media production, the heart of the project.


The communication of each project idea takes place via the content. In order to achieve the best result, we orient our content design on the technical possibilities.  Whether linear, interactive or networked, we create media that inspire.


Motion- or gesture-controlled media such as touch, tracking and individual graphical user interfaces or other innovative operating concepts are implemented by us.


We also offer networking options such as remote media management for digital signage, social media or intranet connection and streaming of live recordings.


Projects that run smoothly at top speed. From start to finish.


At live events...


No matter on which latitude, as experienced event operators we are warming up live and still keep cool heads. In our studios we produce multimedia shows and image films including a wow effect.


For scheduled fixed installations...


Our experience in the short-term high-end event industry allows us to deliver high-quality fixed installations on time.


For special solutions...


Whether mobile show trucks, temporary signage solutions, hologram stages or facade projections, we love the challenge of very special projects.


Follow the white rabbit...


Office UK - London

32a High Park Road
TW9 4BH Richmond 

+44 7706 342 957


Office Tübingen

Dorfackerstraße 26

72074 Tübingen

+49 7071 1389750




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